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habits that can

worsen dry skin

Having a job as a cocktail waitress, we were required to apply makeup every day as part of our uniform. Even before the YouTube beauty blogger days, I was trying every color and blending technique known to man; sometimes it wasn’t nice.

Tips to Protect Your Skin This Fall Season

It's the perfect time of year for apple picking and pumpkin spice lattes, but it also means you need to take extra care in keeping your skin protec...
By Christine Belino

Habits You Need to Stop For Better Skincare

Good skincare habits are the primary determinants of healthy skin. This article discusses some bad skin care habits people should avoid to achieve ...
By Danielle Huey

Comedone Extractor Tool + the Dangers

So basically don't use this tool and find the nearest licensed esthetician to get the best facial... The can scaring and ruin your skin.
By Danielle Huey

Instantly Dip Dry Skin Away 💨💨💨

Bath Bombs, Dry Skin +  Some 💣 Benefits Bathing should not be just about getting rid of sweat and dirt. It should be an enjoyable experience fille...
By Danielle Huey

Birthmarks, Scars and Other Facial "Flaws" May Make it Harder to Land a Job

Although physical appearance should not be playing a role in a person's professional life, sometimes it can have a negative impact on someone's cha...
By Benita M


You’ve come way beyond your teenage years, but you’re still grappling with nasty acne. And as if it were not enough, your skin has taken a turn for...
By Danielle Huey


It started out as a tiny zit. Or at least that’s what you expected it to be. But it soon spread across your face, covering it in red blotchy patche...
By Danielle Huey
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The Importance of

Facials and skin care

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