Comedone Extractor Tool + the Dangers

by Danielle Huey

Acne is one of the most commonly known inflammatory skin condition. Typically, acne starts at the time of puberty but can progress through life, sometimes getting worse in your adult years. Among the areas it affects includes the shoulders, back, chest, and the upper arms.

While as there are other methods of eliminating acne as topically applied therapy, use of facials and other skincare, the use of comodone have been proven to yield amazing results.

However, note that it can be dangerous if your comodone extractor is not used correctly.

Here are some of the dangers: 

1. Acne can get worse

As mentioned earlier, backheads or millas (tiny bumps) can be removed through the use of a blade or a tool known as a comodone extractor. It's used to pull out solids or fluids from the inside of a pimple. The esthetician uses the fingers to hold the skin taut before using the tool to squeeze out the pus using just enough pressure. Seems easy, right? Of course not, it can be more of a detailed process, especially if the infection is widespread. However, like any other skincare procedure, anything can go wrong, which might lead to an increase in the infection. That's why you visit a licensed professional... 

2. Your skin can get infected 

Since acne removal involves the piercing of the skin to remove the pus in a pimple, your skin will get injured. Your skin might also get infected and it can be catastrophic if you were trying to get rid of acne but end up with a skin infection. It's has happened to me 😫😫😫

3. Scaring

Even after healing, you might be left with scars on your face, which can be quite hard to get rid of, mainly if the infection was severe. The best way to PREVENT any of the scaring and infection is to have a professional, licensed esthetician give you an amazing facial. It would not only spare you the trouble of removing acne by yourself but also prevent a lifetime of scars.

So basically don't use this tool and find the nearest licensed esthetician to get the best facial... 

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