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The sign of a successful busy is a bustling lobby of guests ready and waiting to be serviced. INCORRECT I believe that's the beginning of your demise.

I have been in the beauty industry my entire life. My mom was a top stylist in Detroit, and “hurry up and wait” was the culture.

Meaning rushing and get to your appointment only to sit and experience delays, breaks, and overbooking which was the norm.

“This was insane to me on all fronts.”

Let's Change That…

Quickly learning through experience that this was the norm within all cultures and communities regardless of upbringing and ethnicity, HueVine was manifested.

But you shouldn't have to sacrifice time for beauty.

The Vision…

I figured creating a space with remarkable customer service in a beautiful atmosphere coupled with enterprise-level technology and result-driven treatments would be a dream atmosphere.

HueVine was built for….

Individuals who value experience, standards, and quality.

Establishing us as the go-to for those that understand the importance of convenience.

Join us on the journey of continuing to give you skin you'll want to show off.

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Challenges aren't solved alone.

What is a showoff?

Mostly because I noticed we don't talk about our journeys, we don't share what we're going through, we get stuck.

We can fail into stages of devaluing ourselves. And worse it can go unchecked, keeping us stuck where we are.

HueVine is more than a wellness spa. It's a place for individuals who understand the importance of self-care run by a woman who understands the importance of self-value.

Just like HueVine is more than a wellness spa, I am more than a business owner...and so are you!

Why I’m a SHOWOFF…

For this reason alone, I need to share my journey.

Understanding the concept of reach one teach one, these journeys didn’t happen independently by chance, no one is born a finished product.

Being a show-off…

It's not about being flashy or flamboyant but being my authentic, comfortable, self.

Not being afraid to exhibit what I've manifested because I need to dim myself to make others comfortable.

And I'm willing to show others the way.

The better you feel about yourself, the more you care for, your body and your total well-being.

Giving you skin you want to showoff…

What We Believe


Our techniques get results. We have service checkpoints to achieve your desired results.


Our plan is to meet and exceed your expectations every visit.


We disinfect after each service and clean daily.


Open Daily. We have multiple ways to Reserve with client coordinators, online portals, text, email, and chat.


HueVine upholds across-the-board standards and policies to respect your schedule.

No Double Booking

We reserve sessions to ensure they your time is respected.

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Our Team

Our professional team at Huevine Wellness + Spa uses the best techniques and products to ensure you look and feel your best.

Danielle Hue

CEO and Founder

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