4 Quickies for Dry Skin

by Danielle Huey
4 Quick Ways to Help Your Dry Skin

When fall is around the corner, there is a challenge planning for skin care. With the sudden change of the weather the skin changes to extremely dry. Different skin care products should be used in different seasons due to their effects and purpose.

It is crucial to know the best practices that will keep the skin healthy during fall time. The following are tips on how to keep the skin happy.

Your Cleanser | Exfoliate | Stick to Shower | Nourish 

1. Switch Your Cleanser

Knowing about your skin and how it reacts with different weather conditions will help you in choosing a new cleanser. If the skin starts to feel itchier and tighter, you may want to swap to a milky or creamy cleanser.

2. Exfoliate

Exfoliation during fall time ensures that the skin is gorgeous throughout. It helps in getting rid of dead cells on the surface, that block moisturizers from penetrating the skin. Using products such as Hard to Reach for your back and Vine for your whole body will clear the skin of built-up dead skin cells and excess dirt and oil.

3. Stick to Shower Temperatures

You may want to turn your shower's temperature up because it's getting cold outside BUT DO NOT 🛑. This may cause dryness in the long term stick to the warm temperatures but if you must just limit the time in the shower especially if you like it scolding hot. 

4. Nourish

Dry skin is not only uncomfortable but embarrassing, but it also leads to accelerated aging signs. We recommend to add more oil to your moisturizing routine daily and use a perfect nourishing product before you go to be. 

You should know your skin type before shopping for any moisturizer. Our Whipped Body CREME and OIL are some of the moisturizer products that will keep your skin looking plump and firm.

You can get some amazing skin products here to care for your skin. 

Seasonal changes are known to sneak up on many people. You should use these tips to change your routines and prepare for the fall time.

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