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Product Detail

HARD to REACH is our exfoliating back scrubber that is specially designed to deep clean + polish your skin, especially after a back wax. One side of the scrubber has sisal fibers that massage and invigorate the Hard to Reach skin on your back, while the other, softer side offers a plusher and relaxing skin care experience.

Use the stronger side two to three times a week to promote improved circulation and softer skin and use the ultra-soft side as a daily cleansing tool.

HARD TO REACH is a dual-textured back scrubber which features varied exfoliation. Just use the sisal side two to three times a week to exfoliate, and use the ultra-soft side as a daily cleansing tool. It has comfortable handles on both ends making it easier to exfoliate hard to reach places.

VERSATILE: Customized body exfoliation in one simple shower accessory. One side offers a textured, sisal surface that deeply exfoliates; the other side features a soft, smooth microfiber surface for massaging and invigorating the skin. 

FULL COVERAGE: The length of the back scrubber, combined with the handles at each end, makes it easy to reach your entire back. Try that with a bar of CLEANSE!

EASY TO USE: The two handles make the Back Scrubber a breeze to use. And when you're done, use the handles to hang it in your shower until next time. 

DRIES QUICKLY: Designed to not retain moisture, so it won't get moldy in your shower. 

DURABLE: Machine washable and made to last, HARD to REACH will be there for your exfoliating needs even after many years and laundry cycles.

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