Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal for All Skin Types

Our Lasers Treat All Skin Types, Including Darker + Tanned Skin
(Indians + African Americans) (TYPE I-VI)


 VENUS VELOCITY is FDA cleared for skin types I-VI and tanned skin





Laser hair removal requires multiple treatments. While results can be permanent, they do often require follow-up sessions. Maintenance treatments can vary greatly depending on the individual. Some may require follow-ups every three to four months, while others can go years in between.
History of melanoma, raised moles, suspicious lesions, keloid scar formation, healing problems, active infections, open lesions, hives, herpetic lesions, cold sores, tattoos or permanent makeup in area of treatment, recent use of Accutane, tetracycline, or St. John’s wort in the last year, autoimmune diseases such as Lupus, Scleroderma, Vitiligo, pregnancy, trying to get pregnant, or nursing.
Do not pluck, wax, use a depilatory, or undergo electrolysis in the areas to be treated for at least 4 weeks.
Shaving is okay. Please come in cleanly shaven in the area to be treated. Do not tan or use self-tanner in areas to be treated for 4 weeks prior. Avoid any irritant chemical, soaps, lotions to the area for the week prior.
During the next week, you may develop a fine crust/rug-burned appearance, especially where many dark hairs were treated.

Hairs will begin to shed (DO NOT PICK AT THEM). This may last for several weeks.
• Small blisters may occur. Keep the area clean. Notify us if this happens.
• You may apply cool compresses/ice for 15 minutes/hour for comfort.
• Gently clean the area twice daily with mild soap. Aloe gel can also be used.
• Avoid irritants (glycolics, acid, retinoids, etc.) until all redness/swelling resolves.
• Moisturizers may be used if they do not sting when applied.
• Apply sunblock (with zinc oxide) for at least six weeks if not for your lifetime
• Shaving should be avoided until comfortable then begin with light shaving.
• Avoid strenuous exercise for the day as sweating may sting. • Make-up may be used as long as the skin is not broken or irritated.


TECHNOLOGY Venus Velocity™, with the proven efficacy of diode laser technology and a real-time cooling system, provides the optimal balance between high energy absorption of melanin chromophores and deep penetration into the skin, making it safe and effective for all skin types, including tanned skin. POWERFUL & EFFICIENT SYSTEM FOR ALL SKIN TYPES Optimal wavelength of 800 nm High peak power of 2400 W Fluence of up to 100 J/cm2 ERGONOMIC APPLICATOR WITH THREE CHANGEABLE SPOT SIZES
  • Large at 7 cm2, medium at 3.5 cm2, and small at 1.7 cm2
  • Each tip fits seamlessly onto the one lightweight applicator, eliminating the need for multiple applicators or bulky, expensive replacement parts for spot size flexibility.
  • Ergonomic applicator is designed for long hours of use with minimal risk of repetitive strain injury or operator fatigue.


  • PULSE mode delivers higher energy to tissue at a lower repetition rate, which results in higher clinical efficacy and fewer treatment sessions. In PULSE mode, the higher power enables high energy at shorter pulse duration.
  • SLIDE mode, wherein the applicator is smoothly and continuously moved over the treatment area, delivers high repetition rate of short pulses, which achieves high average power with full coverage and greater patient comfort. In SLIDE mode, lower power and intensive cooling with heat accumulation enable efficient treatments.
  • The unique ability to use either mode provides unparalleled versatility and enhances operator control.
  • Monitors applicator temperature 1,000 times per second
  • Ensures constant applicator temperature throughout the session to deliver a safe and very comfortable treatment, which increases patient compliance, satisfaction, and demand.
  • No downtime for cooling translates to higher productivity for your clinic
  • Internet of Things (IoT) is the latest technology to enhance business operations in many different industries
  • Venus Velocity™ is the first and only device in the medical aesthetics industry equipped with IoT capability to help optimize everything from treatment protocols to patient results
  • IoT provides information to maximize treatment efficiency for the best ROI and ensures that your device keeps running at its optimal performance

  • Intuitive and user friendly twelve inch color touch screen
  • Pre-set parameters
  • Fast, cool treatment for the patient
  • What are the most popular areas for laser hair removal?

    The most popular areas are female facial hair, bikini line hair and back hair for men.

    What are the risks of hair removal?

    Laser hair removal is a lunchtime procedure. There is no recovery time. Patients can return to work or play immediately. These lasers do not remove skin, so the risks are very low. As with any procedure, we have an informed consent that explains all the possible risks.

    How old do you have to be for laser hair removal?

    There really is no age limit, but we never treat toddlers. Young people that are not finished growing will develop new hair as they grow, and will require touch-ups to maintain the results. We currently do not treat children under the age of 13. Older people usually have gray hair that will not respond to laser.

    Is it painful?

    Compared to waxing the treatment has very little discomfort. Everyone's pain tolerance is different, our laser has a cooling tip just to address this problem.

    Dark Skin, Shaving Bumps + Ingrown Hair... Would laser hair removal work for me? Is it safe for my skin?

    Yes. We researched and found the perfect laser for every one of our client's skin types (excluding blond or gray hair) which is the diode laser it more effective than YAG lasers when it comes to darker skin types. Its longer wavelength safely bypasses the skin and targets the melanin in the hair shaft, destroying the unwanted hair follicle. You will love your results!

    How long before I see results?

    All results are individually based on the preparation and the 3 growth cycles. The diode laser has to target the melanin in the hair shaft so don't remove it below the surface by plucking, threading or tweezing. We recommend to start shaving the area but not removing hair from the follicle for at least 1 month before your first treatment.




    SMALL 50

    Lips, Chin, Side Burns OR Toes 


    MEDIUM 150

    Cheeks, Neck, Bikini, Lower Back, Buttocks, Deep Bikini, Underarms OR Feet + Toes 


    LARGE 250

    Full Face, Shoulders, Half Arms, Half Legs, Stomach, Half Chest, Women's Brazilian OR Men's Brazilian 


    XL 350

    Back, Chest, Full Arms OR Full Legs



    SMALL 350

    Lips, Chin, Side Burns OR Toes 


    MEDIUM 1050

    Cheeks, Neck, Bikini, Lower Back, Buttocks, Deep Bikini, Underarms OR Feet + Toes 


    LARGE 1750

    Full Face, Shoulders, Half Arms, Half Legs, Stomach, Half Chest, Women's Brazilian OR Men's Brazilian 


    XL 2450

    Back, Chest, Full Arms OR Full Legs


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    **Excludes Bundles, Legs + Arms