by Danielle Huey

Almost all of us have dealt with ingrown hair from many different causes such as shaving,  waxing and  tweezing.  No matter if it’s two or twenty ingrown hairs it can be a pain and nuisance. I have answered the most popular questions and even provided a sure fire plan to fight and prevent them altogether.


Where do they come from?
Ingrown Hairs are caused by dead skin that has accumulated and is not being exfoliated properly.  When it’s time for your hair to grow again and exit there is dead skin and sometimes dirt that blocks the exit.  So the hair just hits the surface and curls back in producing an ingrown hair.
Why do some turn into pimples and help?
The ingrown hairs that turn into pimples are trapped hair combined with bacteria and dirt. The bacteria accumulates on the surface and eventually inside the pore.  The only way to get rid of the painful ones are extracting them and removing the hair itself.  If you do not remove the hair it will return until you remove it and can possibly become infected from being opened,  exposed repeatedly. Those pimples/infected ingrown hairs are awful and quite painful.
How do I combat them?
The best and most effective way to prevent and treat ingrown hairs is cleansing,  exfoliating and moisturizing the area.  I recommend keeping a daily or alternating daily regime that you use when in the shower so that it becomes second nature.
Perfect Ingrown Hair Prevention Regime
I would combine a cleanser that is detergent free so that irritation is nonexistent (Vine Cleansing) with all natural loofah (Vine) and manually exfoliate.   Followed by a moisturizer that is made for intimate areas to help battle dry skin (Vine Smooth).  Using this regime until hair resurfaces helps to prevent and treat ingrown hair and eventually kill them altogether.

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