COVID-19 is not a joke.
If you have been to HueVine since COVID started, you know just how serious we are about not being an epicenter.

We get weekly Covid disinfecting treatments. @DailyDisinfecting comes in and disinfects all the surfaces.
In addition...

Covid-19 Prevention Plan:

  1. HueVine Workers & #Showoffs exhibiting the following symptoms are asked not to come into HueVine:
    -Body Temperature 100° Fahrenheit and above
    -Shortness of breath
    -Cold/Flu-like symptoms
  2. We reserve the right to refuse servicing any clients who present with one or more of the symptoms mentioned above. We will try to reschedule you to the next available date.
  3. Check in from your car using our app.

    Download to check in. We will alert you when it’s time to enter.
  4. #Showoffs cannot bring a friend or family member (including children) along to the appointment. Anyone who does not have an appointment must wait outside unless visiting to pick up products.
  5. Each person must get their temperature taken, and sanitize their hands on arrival. If your temperature is 100°+F, we will need to reschedule you.
  6. Our workers will also sanitize their hands before and after each client as well as wear PPE in the form of masks and gloves during every service.
  7. Treatment beds and contactable surfaces will be sanitized after every client.
  8. Contact in our main area and point of sale equipment will be kept to a minimum and sanitized with disinfectant.

All surfaces are serviced including the furniture in the reception area, all the spa rooms and product shelves. The products are disinfected as well.
How clean is your spa?

We don’t play about our services or our cleaning... The inspector said it’s the cleanest salon he’s been to.

Ask our clients how often they see us cleaning. I’ll wait. EVERY TIME they show up, we #SHOWOFF✨