by Benita M

A popular saying goes: “You are what you eat”. And not without a reason. What you put into your body affects greatly what you will look like. This is especially visible when it comes to skin. The way you eat will affect your skin in more than one way. If you eat foods that are bad for the skin, it will look tired, it will have an unhealthy color, and you may get pimples and blemishes.

So, what are some of the foods that are worst for your skin and that you should absolutely avoid?

Somewhere on top of that list resides His Majesty Sugar. Not all types of sugar are bad (sugar you get from fruits is definitely better for you than sugar you get from candy), but if you eat foods high in sugar, they can mess up your skin big time. Processed sugars are especially harmful, so make sure you choose a healthy snack like raisins or apples instead of junk food that will make your skin look horrible.

Dairy products have pretty good reputation when it comes to health, but in terms of skin, they might not be the best choice out there. Milk and milk products can be full of growth hormones that enter your blood stream and may cause inflammation and increase oil production. The result? That giant pimple on your forehead.

Bad news: no more juices and soda for you if you want to keep your skin clear and healthy. On top of being full of sugar, since they do not contain any fibers that help the body process those sugars, these products may cause blood sugar swings, that make the skin age prematurely. So, if you need more motivation to not get that can of soda, this might be it: you don't want wrinkles.

So, food can affect your body in more ways than one. If you want clear and radiant skin, the first thing you will do is kick out all of those unhealthy, harm fool foods from your diet, and get some fruits and vegetables rich in water and vitamins. Bon appetite!

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