by Danielle Huey

It is a familiar situation. You fill in the bath with hot, steamy water and foam, you lie down, and start relaxing. It is the time of the day that belongs only to you. All the stress, all the worries and concerns stayed behind that bathroom door. After some time you've been soaking in the nice, warm water, the skin on your hands and feet looks completely different. It is as if you've grown older a few decades in a few measly minutes. A thought passes your mind: Why does that happen?

Pruning in the water has perplexed scientists for quite some time now. However, they might finally have an answer. After some time thinking, scientists proposed that wrinkling of fingers and toes after they've been in water for some time must have an evolutionary function, since it is an active process. After they did some studies on the subject, they concluded that pruning has a very simple, yet useful function: it helps us hold objects in the water. It turns out that wrinkled fingers have a better grip in wet conditions than if they were smooth. Scientists say that wrinkled fingers might have come in handy to our ancestors to gather food from wet vegetation or streams. And what about feet? Wrinkled toes might have helped them get a better footing in the rain.

So, that is the evolutionary use of pruning. However, it can also have a very modern and practical use to us. Pruning can give us an insight into what our skin will look like when it gets old and wrinkly. If you don't want that to happen to your skin, there are many simple ways to avoid getting wrinkly skin in your later years. Proper skin care is very important and can make a world of difference when it comes to what will your skin look like in the future.

Cleansing your skin regularly, keeping it hydrated, and giving it proper nutrients it needs is the best way to clear, radiant skin now and when you get older. A small everyday effort can have tremendous positive consequences for your skin later on. It doesn't have to be anything complicated, something as simple as proper cleansing, exfoliating, and putting some cream on will do the trick. Everything you do to your skin now will be visible in a few years. Sometimes it is easy to forget about proper skin care, but luckily, you have a reminder that will always serve to show you what can happen if you forget about proper skin care: pruning you get after you spend some time in a nice, relaxing bath.

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