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the skincare bootcamp

Is an intense 3 - 4 month skin care treatment schedule where you come in spa 2x a month (1 hour-long session) + receive multiple high grade treatments in one session. If you have less than perfect skin or want to refine your texture and get rid of scarring + blemishes. If that describes you even in the slightest then this bootcamp is for you, especially if you’re tired of having to hide your imperfections with makeup.

Some may think that these treatments are too much, to us yes, BUT not to celebrities. Rigorous facials like these are exactly how they achieve the perfect skin that we covet.

Remember when Kim Kardashian did a micro-needling facial with plasma aka a vampire facial or PRP facial (AKA platelet rich plasma). These treatments are usually unaffordable because they consist of several high priced individual treatments. 

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acne treatment near me southfield mi

why was it created

I was tired of having to wearing makeup just to be "presentable" especially because I AM an esthetician (10 years) so how dare I have bad skin. I was so insecure about my skin that I never posted my face online EVER. I even decided that I would be a ghost business owner so my skin would not adversely affect my business. I tried every product available until I just made my own which is HueVine SkinCare. 

The SkinCare BootCamp happened because I had many inquiries about the rigorous facial treatments that I did on myself @misshuevine + the @arielthemodelmom on Instagram. I post on social media now treatments because I'm more confident in my skin and not insecure about it at all. I had absolutely no idea that others would be open to such an intense program, then Ariel said "if you + I were why wouldn't they be."  

experience exactly how estheticians

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