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Naked Honey | CLEANSE

Naked Honey | CLEANSE

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CLEANSE 1 Month Beauty Bar


  • Full Of Vitamins That Are Great For Your Skin, Including Vitamins A, E, + F

  • Shea Butter + Aloe Are Super Easy For Your Skin To Absorb

  • Prevents Dry Skin + Keeps Your Skin Nourished, Healthy + Moisturized

  • Doesn’t Strip Your Skin's Natural Oils Away But Leaves Skin Clean And Debris Free

  • Soothing Enough For All Ages Including Babies

  • No Residue Left On Skin Or Ph Disruption To Vaginal Area

Active Ingredients:

Sweet Honey
Sweet Honey   


Real Rose Petals



All Natural Oil Blend (Olive, Soy, Coconut, Corn + Sunflower), Organic Shea Butter, Essential Oil, Water, Lye (To Solidify) + Fragrance


Massage over your entire body, rinse and save for later. Store on a draining soap dish to preserve bar for future use.
Rinse well if cleanser enters eyes until clear | drink water to dilute if taken internally. Avoid direct contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse well with water. Keep out of reach of children.


Approx. 5 OZ NET WT

Product Description:

Our beauty bar leaves no skin residue only lasting natural moisture. Enhanced with rich, healthy oils + natural ingredients to cleanse + nourish your skin leaving residue free and fully cleansed. So no need to worry, indulge in one of the most unique cleansing bars available. ALL NATURAL CLEANSE contains no harsh additives, animal products, preservatives, lauryl sulfate, parabens or synthetics.


For external use only

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