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  • ★★★★★

    Danielle did an amazing job on my eyebrows. I was super nervous because not only was this my first time getting my brows waxed, I also had some “not so good” experiences with threading and other brow artists. She made me feel comfortable and took her time to perfect the shape of my brows. I would recommend this business to anyone who wants their eyebrows to look amazing!!!

    Karmen M. – Yelp


    I love Danielle, she has a wonderful personality and is very professional. Is the only person I trust with my waxing

    Tisha Y. – Yelp


    I would definitely suggest Danielle for her waxing services. She is extremely thorough and consistently does a great job. She also has a way of making you feel comfortable when waxing those “special areas”. Her prices are great and she really is knowledgeable in her field. I don’t leave reviews too often but good work deserves to be acknowledged.

    Kim J. – Yelp


    Not sure why there are any negative reviews. She is very thorough, clean, funny, reasonably priced, and doesn’t make what could be an awkward Brazilian wax weird at all. Will definitely be going back!

    Fallon B. – Yelp


    This girl is awesome! She’s a young sista who pays close attention to detail and knows what she’s doing. She’s funny, honest and great to talk to while she’s ripping your hair off. Oh and she has a lot of rewards & perks for referrals… So if you go, tell her I sent you!

    Crystal H. – Yelp


    Quick and simple! Loved my wax, she had me laughing and it wasn’t awkward. We talked constantly do it felt like it took no time at all. Being able to book online makes things that much easier. I’ve found the perfect place to go and I’ll be back; she knows her stuff. Quick tip- the address said it was on the second floor, but she moved to the first.

    Megan D. – Yelp


    First time going to Danielle! Came across this place last min b/c I got my legs waxed a crappy place (astute artistry) via groupon they did a horrible job only did half my leg wanted me to pay extra 45 on top of the 24 I paid via groupon. Poor advertisement saying they do “full leg”. What they really mean by that is knee down and does not include the thigh?? Anyways thank god I went to Danielle to fix/complete the job. Only charged $25 for the upper thighs and for full legs its only $45. The prices are extremely reasonable compared to other salons who charge so much and do a medicore/shitty job!! Complete life safer she took me last min with no appointment. She is so friendly and great to talk to while she waxes! It was like we were old friends catching up! Not awkward at all. She is very skilled she didn’t even miss a single hair on my upper thigh. Took her maybe less than 30 mins very quick. Such a lovely person we need to support more smart/young business owners like her! :))

    Juliann L. – Yelp


    I was very aprehensive about getting a wax, i saw her reviews online and figured I would give her a shot…IMPRESSIVE to say the least, she was very pleasant, professional and her facilities were very clean, which I greatly appreciated! Most importantly having my back waxed wasnt painful at all, this was a big deal epically considering her prices are more than fair…wouldn’t dare go anywhere else ★★★★★ for this lady..

    Jerome M. – Yelp


    Went to Huevine for the first time last week and was very impressed. It was a great experience and she actually gave me a great special because I was a first-time client. It was a good investment because I’ll def he back!!

    Ashleigh A. – Yelp


    Danielle is great! She really knows what she is doing. She is thorough and makes the waxing experience relaxing with her cool and funny personality. I will definitely be back!

    Marie N. – Yelp


    I am so delighted with my wax experience. I went in slightly skeptical after having been burned (literally) by another business. Not only was the salon clean and professional, I received outstanding results. My eyebrows have never looked better and the Brazilian was far less traumatic than I had anticipated. I would highly recommend my friends and family members to come here.

    Beth D. – Yelp


    This was my first experience. Danielle was so professional. I did not experience any pain and I felt like I had known her for years! She even took her time and waxed my boyfriend’s chest for our upcoming vacation! I would highly recommend her and this establishment. It is very clean and she is wonderful.

    Brittany S. – Yelp


    Today was my first time ever getting a brazilian wax and it was AWESOME! We talked the whole time which made me comfortable and not even really notice that I was getting waxed. Afterwards I had her clean up my eyebrows and they’re perfect. She kept them nice and thick but with a perfect arch! Love Danielle!

    Melissa R. – Yelp


    Literally still in the parking lot. Danielle was not only EXTREMELY welcoming and friendly, she did an AMAZING job on my Brazilian and my eyebrows. She was a pleasure to talk with while you’re in a pretty awkward moment. She made sure to explain everything she was doing, and was very thorough in her clean-up. No sticky feeling afterwards! When it came to my brows, she did the very important task of ASKING how I liked them to look and went above my expectations. She somehow made them look fuller than they are, yet they are very clean. No question that I’ll be coming back, I already booked my follow up appointment.

    Courtney R. – Yelp


    I knew Danielle was going to be an awesome find when I first called her! She was so professional,nice, and she made me feel comfortable with her before I even set up the appointment. Completely sanitary!! Gloves are worn! No double dipping! No hair left behind! Nothing short of amazing! I wanted to get the most intimate wax.. The Brazilian!! A lot of women are terrified of this wax because the thought of someone pulling in that area is scary!! This was my second one and I immediately felt comfortable when I arrived to a cute office with a front waiting area and a back area with full curtains. Danielle gave a clear explanation of what is going to happen prior to the wax getting put on. She was so precise. She knows exactly what she is doing and she is amazing at it! The pain level is low. While cashing out at the end she made sure to give me after care information. She even has products available for purchase. She also provided me with a loofa to exfoliate! I cannot wait to go back !! Already have my next appt set up!

    Nicole C. – Yelp


    I was terrified to get a Brazilian wax, but I was assured that I had nothing to worry about. Danielle worked quickly, was very professional and had such a great personality. It really felt like she was a friend. At the end of my wax, she told me all I needed to know to prevent ingrown hairs. It’s been two weeks and I am still smooth as ever (Is that TMI? lol) I will definitely be back and I suggest you go too!!!

    Latoya J. – Yelp


    AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is the only way I can describe my experience at Huevine! I am big on customer service and the service I was provided here was phenomenal! You can tell that Danielle loves what she does and is very passionate about her business. I went for a full leg and Brazilian wax, I was beyond nervous because it had been awhile so I was completely embarrassed (if you know what I mean ). But Danielle’s personality put me at ease. She was very detailed and made sure she got everything and I mean EVERYTHING! Lol I walked out of there with a brand new attitude! If your looking for great customer service, outstanding service and a pleasant atmosphere this is definitely the place for you. For services so intimate you want to feel as comfortable as possible and that’s exactly what I experienced!! I can’t see myself going anywhere else!!! I’m so excited!! It’s so hard to find everything your looking for in one location!! You definitely want to experience this at least once in your lifetime!!! Thanks Danielle!!!

    Ryan R. – Yelp


    I went to Danielle for a whole list of waxing services today–legs, stomach, underarms, and my first ever brazilian bikini! Needless to say, I was really nervous about the prospect of having all of the hair yanked out of my “nether regions”, but Danielle assured me it wouldn’t be as bad as I anticipated. Danielle was welcoming and warm from the start. She handed me some heavy duty numbing cream and had me sit while it did its magic. Then, she did her magic. Danielle quickly removed ALL of the hair from my underarms, stomach, and legs efficiently and relatively painlessly (the legs stung a little bit but it was nothing compared to the eye-watering experience I had at another salon). Time flew by as Danielle kept me busy with her humor and wit. Finally it was time for the dreaded brazilian! I was so nervous!! Thanks to both the extreme numbing as well as her skill and expertise, I kid you not, I barely felt a thing! And I had EVERYTHING removed (think “Hollywood” bikini style). I didn’t even realize she was done not even 15 minutes later and had to ask, amazed “that was it?!” Danielle waxed nearly all of my body in less than 1 hour. She is a incredible and honestly, I will only see her for my waxing needs from now on. She also informed me of products to use to prevent ingrown hairs, package deals offered for return customers, and the post-treatment care. Danielle is the most thorough and amazing waxing artist. Most importantly, Danielle NEVER double dips, she used gloves the entire time, and was very very concerned with sanitation and sterility. I am so happy I went to her to care for my extra sensitive waxing since I was expecting it to be very painful, but left with a smile ? you won’t be sorry if you go to Danielle Huey.

    Tess M. – Yelp

    Will try again soon.

    Christina H. – Yelp

    My 1st wax I thought It was going to be awful but I was pleasantly surprised. She explained everything to me so I never felt unsure. I did not get the numbing and it was surprisingly not as bad as I thought it was going to be, it was more so uncomfortable instead of painful. I will be back because she did a awesome job and kept me distracted. I never thought it would look so smooth down there. WHAT WAS I THINKING BEFORE?!?!? LOL

    Stacy W. – Yelp

    My first visit was today and i can not stop telling people about my PAINLESS Brazilian. I will never go anywhere else. Excellent Service !!!!

    Karman B. – Yelp

    This was my second Brazilian wax i ever had. The first time I had it done was at a “high end” spa. The lady didnt not take the time to explain anything to me, rushed through it and left hairs. Danielle was the total opposite and i am so thankful!! ? I explained my previous situation to Danielle and she was very understanding. I felt very comfortable with her and she was very professional and efficient. She offered a wealth of knowledge on waxing as well as a new client special. I am very pleased with her work and would recommend her to anyone willing to be waxed.

    Jordana S. – Yelp

    I love Danielle! I recently moved from NYC and was a little hesitant about trying someone new in a new city. But she was professional, comforting, and kept me laughing throughout the process. Older women say, there are three people you must have an awesome relationship with, your significant other, your gyno, and your waxer! lol I recommend her for anyone that’s new to waxing or is a veteran. She’s awesome!

    Jack P. – Yelp

    Danielle was very professional. Painless. I had my brows waxed. They were uniformed. I received many complements.

    Wanda F. – Yelp

    Very very good work. I have sensitive skin and usually am red and in pain for 2 days after, but this was not the case with Huevine! Very professional. Extremely accommodating. Will be back and will be purchasing a package! Highly recommend.

    A L. – Yelp

    Danielle was very knowledgable in her field…I was in and out in no time! The atmosphere is very comfortable and clean and she paid close attention to detail. ?

    Jade M. – Yelp

    Danielle was so quick and painless and made me feel so comfortable. I was nervous about going to someone new since I live out of state and was in town for a few weeks but I will definitely be back the next time I am in town!

    Shawna N. – Yelp

  • ★★★★★

    I was very aprehensive about getting a wax, i saw her reviews online and figured I would give her a shot…IMPRESSIVE to say the least, she was very pleasant, professional and her facilities were very clean, which I greatly appreciated! Most importantly having my back waxed wasnt painful at all, this was a big deal epically considering her prices are more than fair…wouldn’t dare go anywhere else ★★★★★ for this lady..

    Jerome M. – Google


    I literally just came from here and she was amazing we had a great conversation. She is awesome no complaints I would def. come back and probably bring my sis in the next 2 weeks im picky about who I let wax me and I truly believe I found her

    Donald P. – Google


    Very efficient, very professional. Very happy with my service ? I got a brazilian wax and I would suggest if u can’t take being stripped more than you what you are use to then you should get the numbing process first because she is very thrall. I personally need the strong hand and she gets the job done. Overall best wax Ive had so far. Price is very reasonable. Thank you Danielle



    My first experience at Huevine was on 07/2013. I looked up body waxing on Groupon, and found Danielle. I found her to be extremely professional and efficient. I was so impressed that I decided that I will be begin to regularly visit each month. I highly recommend body waxing services at Huevine.

    Courtney S. – Google


    Danielle has tremendous deals! She makes you feel comfortable when you are getting waxed and she treats you as her #1 customer. I found my new favorite waxing spot! I will definitely keep going back to her!

    Jason G – Google


    Danielle was so quick and painless and made me feel comfortable. I was nervous about going to someone new since I live out of state and was just in town visiting. That being said, I am beyond happy and wish I could go see Danielle on a regular basis. I will definitely be making an appointment every time I’m back in town!

    Shawna N. – Google


    Brows and underarms were painless and fast. Danielle is so professional and the spa is beautiful. I love my brows. Highly recommended.

    Bobby Cla – Google


    I got the numbing treatment and it didn’t hurt at all so I had her do my underarms and brows. They were perfect brows and the Brazilian and underarms were pain free so I made an appointment before I left for next time. She is fast and very nice.

    S C – Google


    Danielle is AWESOME. Very knowledgeable of her craft and made my first brazilian comfortable and QUICK! Highly recommended!

    Bri Ray – Google


    I definitely recommend Danielle. She was efficient and thorough, and made you feel comfortable. Brazilian went relatively pain-free.

    Chandra L – Google


    Quickest back wax and I barely felt it! She is beautiful and very cool… lol

    Mike H – Google


    Danielle was awesome very patient, nice and friendly. This was my first Brazilian and I’m definitely coming back!

    Deja S – Google


    Danielle was quick and professional. Chit chatting also helped make it go by faster. Would definitely go back for another wax session!

    Dalia M – Google


    This young lady is very Professional …my first visit was great. I was scared but it helpful that she talked to me while she was performing her services.

    Lalita G- Google


    No pain and extremely fast she wasnt playing ha ha! This is the place for waxing Danielle doesn’t play she is the best Ive been to.

    Porshia A- Google


    It was a nice experience. It was clean and comfortable especially if you are getting a Brazilian.

    Alex G- Google

    ★★★★★ Tony H- Google


    Awesome service, fast and friendly!

    A Google User – Google

    ★★★★★ Mike H- Google


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