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Showoff: "What's my point balance?"
Showoff: "When is my next appointment?"
Showoff: "How many SHOWBUCKS do I have?"
Showoff: "Which moisturizer did I get last time?"
Showoff: "Do you have any slots open today?"

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Our "NEW CLIENT SPECIAL" has been discontinued as it was.
It's now exclusively by invitation only, from a #SHOWOFF.
You can invite whomever you choose BUT they must have an invitation. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Here's how it works:
1. They have to show one of the images (below) + give us YOUR email, name, or phone number at checkout.
3. We then instantly send you a $10 SHOW MONEY CERTIFICATE (also stored in your account) to be used on services + products in-store.
There is No Limit on Show Money + it NEVER expires. 

Show Money's are instant rewards for your continued support.
I thank you for continuing to trust us, service after service + year after year.

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