Huevine Best Quality

Client Driven High Quality.

We are a highly rated niche spa that specializes in high customer experiences including results-driven treatments like targeted facials, advanced exfoliation and hair removal services. High quality + fast services combined with skincare products that not only match in quality and performance, but they leave your skin smooth and silky.

HueVine Professional Service

No Matter The Hue, Ultimately We Are Intertwined Like A Vine

Hue meaning Color | Vine meaning Intertwined. Through the years of servicing men and women, and hearing their stories, it has taught us that we all have similar life experiences, and that we are more alike and intertwined than we are led to believe.

How We Got Started?

Having a job as a cocktail waitress, we were required to apply makeup every day as part of our uniform. Even before the YouTube beauty blogger days, I was trying every color and blending technique known to man; sometimes it wasn’t nice. In 2010, I decided to enroll in esthetician school because I made up my mind that I was going to be a celebrity makeup artist.

Once enrolled at Aveda, I quickly realized that I was pretty good at waxing and I even matched the waxing speeds of seasoned spa professionals while I was still a student. I loved hair removal and skincare so much that I decided that's all I would offer because I did a great job at both, and clients loved how I ran everything. In 2013, HueVine became a niche spa specializing in sensitive skin. Being known for fast, high-quality skincare treatments and body waxing specializing in intimate waxing (Brazilian, bikini and male Brazilian).

HueVine Now...

Every year, we upgraded to a larger space until we found our current home, which is located at 17641 W 12 Mile Rd, Lathrup Village, MI (next to Olgas Kitchen). We built-out our permanent home which is over 2300 square feet equipped with every amenity and feature we needed to provide the best services on an individual basis to our clients.

We cater to clients with a desire for result-driven treatments including targeted facials, advanced exfoliation and hair removal services. Combine that with the atmosphere of a local hangout with great music and amazing services to accompany your experience, while the air is filled with an intoxicating aroma of our handmade products.

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